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We offer a full suite of functionality to help Asset Finance companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their cash operations.

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Asset Finance has been a rare bright spot in a lending market that has struggled to gain momentum in recent years. However, increased competition and innovation in this sector has led to pressures on profit margins and has encouraged increasingly riskier business models. The challenge for the finance and administration functions in the industry has been to deliver the increased risk monitoring and control required for these business; while reducing headcount and increasing the speed of processing.

Using the latest innovations in open banking, our solution takes control of the entire cash collections process from receipting, clearance management right through to allocation, reconciliation and accounting. This results in the highest levels of automation while reducing risk.

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Our Solutions

From banks and non-banking financial institutions to property management firms and government departments, our solutions help hundreds of organisations improve the productivity, visibility, automation and regulatory compliance of their cash management operations.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Our cash flow forecasting solution helps business owners to forecast and revise their cash flow on a daily and intraday basis.

Client Money Management and Compliance

Our client money (CASS) solution offers a full suite of accounting, banking, reconciliation and reporting functionality.

Interest Rate Management

Our virtual accounts platform allows businesses to calculate interest due on their virtual account independently of their real bank account


Our Virtual Accounts platform is a multi-bank cash management solution. It is designed to provide centralised visibility and control of all banking operations.

Receivables Management

Our platform fully automates the management and control of receipts, providing real time visibility across the entire payment lifecycle.

Reporting and Dashboards

We provide businesses with analytics across their real and virtual accounts to summarise key information and allow simpler navigation for key tasks.

Sweeping and Target Balancing

We offer automated sweeping and target balancing functionalities to optimise liquidity/availability while maximising return on money.

Virtual Account Management (VAM)

Our flagship solution, Cashfac VBT is the world’s most deployed Virtual Account Management (VAM) and Virtual Cash Management (VCM) platform.

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