Cashfac Cloud and Continuity through COVID-19

Cashfac’s response to supporting businesses during the Coronavirus crisis, business continuity assistance and services to maintain operations during the pandemic.

From the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are pleased that Cashfac Cloud services have operated without interruption to customer and professional services.

All of our products operate in Cloud and our processes are ISO27001 certified. With a client and user base comprising of large banks, wealth managers, leading property managers, government, law and trust firms and other established financial service providers, it has been important for them to know that we have been able to ensure their business continuity through this time – as indeed we have done for many years.

As an FCA-regulated entity ourselves, we are required to have rigorous governance and risk mitigation procedures in place to control and protect our operations through any challenge. This is an important consideration for all clients but especially those who are regulated and might otherwise hesitate to outsource part of their operations to a third party.

Business Continuity Assistance

Like all businesses, we have taken significant steps to safeguard our staff and maintain our high customer service levels. More information on the steps taken is available on our latest Coronavirus – COVID19 Business Continuity Provisions update.

During a crisis, all businesses want the comfort of knowing that key processes are in place to ensure business continuity and alleviate stress from their valued personnel. Here at Cashfac, we provide secure remote operational services to all our customers who have deployed Cashfac’s software on their local infrastructure.

In addition to existing services, during COVID-19 we are offering operational training support as a backup service to help business continuity, and a ‘Managed Service Lite’ emergency cover to help our customers perform their start of day and end of day processes, should key staff members become unavailable.

The feedback we have received so far has reinforced to us the importance of providing such certainty. Peter Robinson, Head of Client Banking at XPS Pensions Group, commented:

“As we all navigate operating in uncertain times and with evolving processes, the certainty of delivery from our hosted and managed service at Cashfac has given peace of mind to XPS Administration. We have enjoyed no drop in delivery levels and this support has allowed XPS to continue to supply our award-winning services to clients, without interruption”.

Resilience and Automation

This crisis will cause a decline and may signal the end of on-premise software. The winners will already be in the cloud, hosted by a regulated, reputable and reliable third-party provider. Services like Cashfac Cloud are there to ensure continuity of service and provide capacity for volume peaks and other potential service disruptions, so businesses are at their most resilient during times of crisis.

The winners will also be those who fully embrace automation. For regulated firms especially, those who automate the most will benefit from having the robustness and scalability to not only meet their regulatory requirements and prevent breaches, but to deliver a superior client service irrespective of future macroenvironmental conditions.

Talk to Us

If your company has been holding off on higher levels of automation, your IT department’s strategy may now have put achieving heightened resilience higher on their wish list. With Cashfac Cloud and Managed Service, you can achieve the integration and automation into your bank, and manage it all remotely.

Find out how we can migrate your client, escrow and virtual accounts to Cashfac Cloud by contacting us using the form below.

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