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Pension Administrators

We offer pension administrators a solution that integrates with their existing systems to help them automate manual processes, reconcile and administer pensions.

Solution literature

Pension/superannuation administrators are responsible for the day-to-day administration of pension schemes (or plans). The service may be operated on a group basis or on individual plans, and schemes may be a defined benefit or, increasingly, defined contribution and may be self-invested (SIPP and SAAS) or self-choice schemes. Cashfac provides a platform for all types of administration service. Download our full brochure for more details.

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Whats Inside

We help pension administrators:

  • Automate cash management processes and eliminate manual tasks
  • Work in unison with their accounting, bank and internal systems
  • With automatic transnational cash management, control and accounting
  • Virtualise real bank accounts to release admin savings of pooled bank accounts
  • Manage any number of bank accounts, from multiple bank accounts if required
  • Replace real bank accounts with fully functional virtual bank accounts
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