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Cashfac is a market leading global provider of high volume, online cash management platforms to wealth managers, banks, treasury and liquidity teams, property managers, corporates and government departments. We have clients in Australia, EU, UK, US – offices in London, Livingston and Melbourne. Our clients are among the largest in their sectors, managing $billions.

Cashfac Virtual Bank Technology® (VBT) is the standard by which virtual accounts are measured.

Cloud enabled, immediately scalable and with a bank of APIs, clients benefit from our continuous product and service enhancement program – embedded payments, evergreen cash flow, online credit control, continuous external and internal reconciliation, integrated payments and automatic double entry accounting, multi bank and 2-way order-to-pay corporate ledger connectivity.  Our solutions transform high volume, highly complex client money and deposit management into a science, injecting speed and precision into operational decision making.

Our clients can consume our services with ease, presenting CX using our embedded UI or using our SDK to achieve brand uniformity across products – the choice lies entirely with our clients.

Deployed by banks it converts common corporate banking services into industry oriented operational cash management over wide areas in multiple currencies. We help our clients deliver innovative cash management solutions to end-customers, creating and releasing tangible value, fast.

Our solutions are relied on by over 600 corporate and public-sector customers worldwide. Ongoing investment means we are enabling clients with our 6th series, micro-service oriented Q-API solution, which is now being shipped – this enhances service flexibility, enabling customers to use AI powered development tools to build their own UX and integrations across wider supporting platforms.

We have technologists, managed service engineers, solutions consultants, accountants, bankers, contract and compliance law professionals, risk and compliance managers, HR professionals and highly experienced industry-oriented sales professionals.

All of our team has an unwavering appreciation of and focus on our clients coupled with mutual support and care for colleagues – these are Cashfac’s core values. We succeed when our clients succeed.

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