Back-Office Transformation – Safeguarding the Future of UK Wealth Management

This 18-page whitepaper analyses the four megatrends shaping today’s UK wealth management industry and outlines how the market should respond to remain competitive and profitable.


The UK wealth management sector is consolidating and only those with scale will survive. Delivering successful back-office transformation is key to this survival, and safeguarding the future of UK wealth management.

This paper identifies and addresses four megatrends shaping today’s UK wealth management industry, and details how the most innovative UK wealth managers have reacted: from overcoming inefficiencies in the industry’s typical cash management landscape, to implementing a transformed low-cost back office that meets customer demand for innovation and greater self-service.


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These four sector megatrends are re-shaping the industry and forcing change to ensure survival:

  • Costs of Compliance
  • The Fintech Revolution
  • Customer Expectations
  • Skills Shortages
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