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Cashfac Virtual Bank Technology

Cashfac Virtual Bank Technology (VBT) is a packaged, rules-driven Software as a Service (SAAS) technology that automates complex cash operations

Wherever there is a complex operation involving the management of other peoples’ money, Cashfac is needed.

This is where VBT’s penny-precision, compliance and price-performance are unmatched. No other available technology provides this level of specialist cash management service. Cash operations is a big cost and big operational risk area in these markets which have high volumes of payments and receipts and large cash balances. In these markets, precision accounting is needed for large numbers of end-customers – such as Corporate Banking and Wealth Management clients, trading and execution counter-parties, Master Trusts and commercial landlords.

We support online transparency down to individual transaction and customer account level; fast opening of thousands of client accounts, high volume data exchange with banks; simultaneous high-volume data exchange with our clients’ operational systems; real time credit control; continuous compliance with complex client money rules requiring segregation and reconciliation; transaction traceability from origin through initiation, payment via individual client accounts and interest apportionment.

Our digital cash lifecycle

Transform your operational cash management capabilities

The Cashfac digital cash lifecycle allows you to easily manage enterprise-wide cash reconciliation and control from one platform.

System to system upload

User access through the browser, API, batch file, upload


Invoices, orders, deals and demands

Import business data into the platform to fully automate payments and receipt management

Value dated forward cash

Unique ability to view future cashflows and automate expected receipts

Credit control

Fully configurable real-time credit control to enhance your client service and better manage risk


Automatic check of payment instruction rules in the system

Integration with banks

Payment enabled virtual accounts

External reconciliation

Fully automated downstream and upstream system integration and with your bank


Cashfac and bank protocols talk through system

Internal reconciliation

Fully automated internal reconciliation based on double entry principles

Reconciliation to bank

Reconcile and clear settled forward cash records, post receipts to account controls

End to end integration

Integration with Accounting systems and Trial Balance generation

Automating and Streamlining Complex Cash Operations

  • Fast opening of thousands of client accounts
  • Routing hundreds of thousands of incoming funds
  • Making hundreds of thousands of payments from client accounts to settle investment orders
  • Paying private pensions
  • Paying service suppliers in property maintenance and care homes
  • Paying net rents to landlords and segregating service charges

The Value We Deliver

Smart Compliance for Client Money

Operational Intelligence

Efficiency through automation

Marketplace Differentiation

Treasury, Liquidity & Capital Optimisation

Smart Compliance for Client Money

Tried-and-tested client money solution that delivers true control confidence

Operational Intelligence

Transformed management oversight and granular transparency over current and future cash movements

Efficiency through automation

Efficiencies generate cash for reinvestment in the business

Decommissioning of manual processes & consolidation of legacy platforms significantly reduces the total cost of ownership

Typical project payback period is under 12 months

Marketplace Differentiation

We enable our clients to grow their business and retain clients by providing a more competitive offering to their clients

Client self-service platform that empowers them to control their money

Automated account opening, flexible account hierarchy management and faster access to funds by clients

Brings digital to the back-office allowing almost unlimited scalability in cash management operations

Treasury, Liquidity & Capital Optimisation

In an era of rising interest rates and quantitative tightening we enable our client to maximise yield enhancement and dynamically manage their money in one place

Ability to maximise yield enhancement on client and firm funds through real-time client and pooled accounts

Optimise capital usage by eliminating the need for client account top-ups with firm funds


Cashfac’s unique Operational Cash SaaS Platform

Cashfac is configured for the digital age – providing cloud and open banking ready tools that provide agility, flexibility and scalability

Cloud deployed with open source technologies

Our cloud capabilities ensure fast efficient deployment, and enables real-time data. We use Open source technologies such as Kubernetes and RabbitMQ to enable rapid scalability

Advanced integration

Our advanced integration includes 2-way APIs for integrating with user’s existing business and accounting. We have API-connected UX, offering custom-built UX for end customer self-service source technologies

Multi-banking and multi entity

M&A and organic growth across regions means firms need agility, multi banking and ease of bank switching. Cashfac provides critical multi-entity capability and bespoke UX by entity 

High volume payments

Cashfac can execute all payment types. Payments are initiated by integrated customer systems or authorised customer clerical processes 

Fast delivery with rules driven configuration

Low-touch delivery in under 2-6 months. Cashfac is a rules-driven extensible platform where sector-specific rules are pre-configured. The rules can be tailored to specific client needs and the solution can be operated on client’s cloud / servers 

End-customer self service infrastructure

We offer seamless, real-time customer self-service and connectivity. Resilience, technical convergence and message queuing is key to our end-customer self-service infrastructure

Cashflow forecast and predictive reconciliation

Cashfac’s forward cash architecture projects the forward cash flows and clears down the transactions as settled. Forward transactions and balances are automatically reconciled to maximise operational efficiencies

Open Banking ready

Cashfac provides an Open Banking API and model mobile cash management app (Software Development Kit available by arrangement)

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