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Our team of relationship managers are always on hand to discuss any of your queries and concerns.

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How Our Team Helps

Our Relationship Management Team works with our customers and partners to ensure they receive maximum benefit from their solution and to meet changing business needs and operating rhythms.

In addition, as the Cashfac solution continues to evolve to meet industry/sector needs and ever-changing regulatory landscapes, our team are here to communicate new product functionality and explain how that might be harnessed to deliver further business benefit.

Cloud and Managed Services

Our cloud and managed services are designed to help businesses and our bank partners reduce the need for further recruitment and to reduce their dependency on internal IT to support their solutions infrastructure. Visits our cloud and managed service webpage for more information.

Operational Review

To make sure that our customer’s solution continues to be aligned to their business needs and changing operating rhythms, an operational review can help formalise thinking on changes that may be required. Often this review will lead to a wider Business Requirements gathering session which can support our customers and partners with the formulation of internal business cases etc.

Payment Industry Change

There has never been a time in banking when so much change has taken place in the way that you access banking services – Open Banking and PSD2. These initiatives are also changing the payment types that the banking industry will offer its clients. We work closely with our Banking Partners to understand how their changes can be harnessed for the benefit of our clients through their virtual banking cash management platform.

Regulatory Change

Often regulatory change will be a subject within our thought leadership content, but you may want to discuss particular regulatory aspects within the context of your business. CASS rules are a good example.

Thought Leadership

Cashfac are regular contributors to industry forums and specialist publications to help shape debate across the sectors in which our customers operate. As an existing customer, we would like to share this content with you.


We recognise that sometimes our customers need help to deliver refresher training and reduce dependency on internal teams. This can be delivered by our team through Microsoft Teams or WebEx.

Areas where we can help

  • Cloud & Managed Services
  • Payment Industry Change
  • Operational Review
  • Regulatory Change
  • Thought Leadership
  • Training
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CASS Recordkeeping
The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) Tech Show 2020

The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) Tech Show 2020

We are delighted to sponsor the 2020 TSAM Tech Show – a summit which brings together the leading technology companies within the global asset management

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Cash Platform for Wealth Managers in Asia Pacific
Solution Literature

Cash Platform for Wealth Managers in Asia Pacific

Our cash and banking platform helps wealth managers improve critical cash management operations and deliver compliance with client money regulations.

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Business Continuity Provisions (Coronavirus – COVID19)
News & Blog

Business Continuity Provisions (Coronavirus – COVID19)

Updated 12th Nov 2020 - The impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on delivery of Cashfac Regulated Activities.

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Business Continuity

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