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Cloud and Managed Services

Available 24 hours a day, we offer cloud and managed services to our customers and bank partners for the operation and maintenance of their platform.

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Cloud and Managed Services

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What our customers have to say...

“As we all navigate operating in uncertain times and with evolving processes, the certainty of delivery from our hosted and managed service at Cashfac has given peace of mind to XPS Administration. We have enjoyed no drop in delivery levels and this support has allowed XPS to continue to supply our award-winning services to clients, without interruption”

Peter Robinson, Head of Client Banking at XPS Pensions Group

Our cloud and managed services…

  • Are ISO27001 compliant through a separate and secure environment for operational procedures and support services
  • Offers best practice approaches to the delivery of IT services across operations, infrastructure, and service desk functions
  • Makes sure continuous performance reviews are carried out in partnership with our customers to ensure SLA’s are maintained at all times
  • Meet high levels of governance, trust and compliance, including independent third-party risk assessments, audits and security testing, as well as subject to regulatory oversight

Cloud Services: Accelerate your time to market

Cashfac’s Cloud infrastructure, provided through Microsoft Azure, provides us with the freedom to rapidly build, manage and deploy our solutions on a global network committed to the highest security standards and regulatory compliance. And with little upfront cost, you only pay for what you use. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Data Location – Hosting data in a location of your choice is available as the services provided are data centre neutral
  • 24/7 On Call Support – Ongoing monitoring of infrastructure
  • Change Management – Provision of change management for changes to the infrastructure. Includes implementation of infrastructure updates, patches and monitoring of backups to servers out of hours in accordance with Cashfac’s standard maintenance windows and patching process
  • Active Disaster Recovery – Real time Active Disaster Recovery Site ensuring hot fall back if required – includes the management of the backup and offsite storage to a separate data centre and that procedures and measures are maintained and tested for the cloud environment
  • Cybercrime is a serious threat to all businesses – This is an area in which Microsoft have invested heavily to ensure their Azure customers can use their cloud systems safe in the knowledge that they have the highest levels of protection. Constant developments are being made to the Azure service to ensure the latest threats are kept at bay and you can carry out your business unaffected

Managed Services: Getting the most from your solution

The Cashfac Managed Service removes the need for dedicated customer staff to operate the virtual banking platform, thereby minimising change management and specialist training, with a single point of contact for all support issues:

  • Dedicated Service Desk – efficient issue resolution as the dedicated Service Desk team have direct access to the platform. Service requests and queries are logged in the centralised CRM system allowing you to track the progress and history of tickets
  • Operational Tasks – day to day system tasks are performed by specialised personnel, therefore ensuring the tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently
  • Upgrade and Releases – the most recent software version will be installed, ensuring accurate execution of upgrades and patches. The service includes management of the entire release and upgrade process, including platform testing before release, and assistance with your own testing. Our deep knowledge of our product and a detailed understanding of the features that have been enhanced in each release, combined with proximity to the development team, ensure this process is executed with accuracy, knowledge, and expediency
  • Research and Development – for continual service improvement across the Cashfac platform as features and services are added to Azure
  • Regular Service Reviews – and formal reporting is carried out regularly based on SLA and KPIs

Service Desk: Available 24 hours with a three-tier support structure

Our Service Desk staff are available 24 hours per day to assist our customers and partners with queries or incidents that may arise with the platform. Our comprehensive three-tier support structure ensures a speedy and efficient resolution to issues with escalation where needed. Our Service Desk can be contacted by telephone or email using the details provided by our client services or relationship management team.

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