Cashfac Drives High-Volume, High-Value Deposits for Banks from the Healthcare Sector Sub

Delivering a specialized banking platform for your healthcare clients

Key Priorities for Banks Servicing Healthcare Providers

  • Provision of self-service payments enabled virtual accounts for member and 3rd party payments
  • Ability to match member payments to approved claims and forecast future committed cashflows
  • Offer tailored multi-level client account hierarchies for complex claims needs and client structures
  • Ability to deal with a high volume of new account onboarding and transactions at scale

Digital Cash & Banking Platform

Cashfac Helps Banks Win New Business and Retain Existing Customers

Our virtual banking technology can be configured for specific industries, enabling banks to offer a tailored service that meets healthcare provider’s regulatory and business requirements.

A tailored platform for healthcare providers strengthens trust between you and your clients and streamlines the client’s cash operating model, reducing their costs. Cashfac enables banks to secure new healthcare provider clients, enhance client retention, and deliver a competitive banking service.

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Cashfac Helps Banks Win New Business and Retain Existing Customers

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