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Asset and Wealth Management

Download our free sector brochure on how our cash platform helps asset managers, wealth managers and transfer agents.

Asset and Wealth UK

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In this brochure, we explore several of the key cash management challenges facing the wealth management industry, including changing consumer preferences, technology advancements, increasing service delivery expectations and stringent regulatory requirements such as Client Money (CASS) compliance.

With details on 10 of the key solutions delivered by our cash platform to asset managers, wealth managers and transfer agents, we show how our platform can be your firm’s cash control hub at the centre of your back-office systems stack.

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What's inside

Download our free brochure for details on how we help the sector’s greatest cash management challenges, including:

  • Improving Operational Efficiency
  • Delivering better Customer Service
  • Improving Governance and Risk Management
  • Meeting Requirements of Client Money (CASS) Regulations
  • Maximising Returns on Cash-Effective Treasury Management
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