Client Asset Protection for CASS 7 – The Change in the Technology Paradigm for Client Money

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Firms are now looking to technology solutions to help facilitate improved compliance to CASS rules. They are looking to streamline processes to mitigate risks, whilst reducing time and costs for both clients and firms. How can you ensure that these solutions are right for your firm and effectively meet your CASS obligations?

Taking this into account, Cashfac has teamed up with FourthLine Learning to explore the following:

  • The importance of Operational Resilience and Innovation & Data
  • The limit of technology solutions and why they are not always right
  • How to ensure technology solutions are effective in the context of CASS
  • The key elements required in Client Money systems solution – accounting, reconciliation, reporting and collections management
  • Maximising the return on client money in this low-interest environment
Watch here

Watch here