Regulation is an important driver for improving an insurance firm’s cash operations. Our InsureTech solutions present a new method of processing cash and automating reconciliations to help insurance companies comply.


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As the FCA continues to ramp up enforcement of client asset compliance, our solution presents a new method of money administration for insurance firms’ clients.

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4 Approaches to Protecting Client Money

The insurance sector adopts different approaches to protecting Client Money. We look at four primary areas:

  • Risk Transfer
  • Statutory Trusts
  • Non-Statutory Trusts
  • Hybrid Model
Segregation of Funds

How Can Cashfac Help?

Our solution can help insurance companies adhere to regulation regardless of approach by providing the following:

  • Account Structure - Automating Receivables
  • Fully-Regulated, Full Service Bank Accounts
  • Client Money Ledger/Client Account
  • Client Money Compliance: Internal & External Reconciliations
  • Pooling & Projecting (Forward Cash Forecasting) for Treasury Management
  • Client Money General Ledger
  • Reporting
  • Hosted and Managed Services
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