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Wealth Management Review 2021 – Sector Transformation

This 34-page whitepaper analyses survey findings from over 120 senior executives from UK wealth managers on the sector’s transformation in 2021.

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The 2021 Wealth Management Review is a report commissioned by Cashfac to Goodacre UK, who interviewed and surveyed over 120 senior executives from the UK wealth management sector. These executives provided input from experiences at their own firms, combined with future intentions for their respective businesses, with the report’s findings identifying several challenges and opportunities for 2021 and beyond.

With a foreword from Angela Knight CBE and double-page ‘Expert Opinion’ insights from Mattioli Woods, Ernst & Young and Reed Smith, this 34-page report offers a comprehensive analysis of the significant transformation in the UK wealth management landscape, from how the sector has responded to Brexit and difficulties of the pandemic, to the rapid and accelerating level of fintech adoption.

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Research and Respondents

The executives who took part in this review came from 122 individuals from companies providing services to the Wealth Management Sector. Additional information was provided from legal and audit firms coupled with research carried out by Goodacre UK.

We surveyed respondents on the greatest business and operational challenges facing their companies in the next 18 months, including:

  • Increasing customer “Self Service”
  • Differentiation of the business
  • Increasing return on capital
  • Changing the business post Brexit
  • Reducing the capital tied up in operations
  • Managing staff working from home with flexible office returns
  • Increasing complexities of compliance
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