Cashfac for Banks

Designed for corporates and built for banks, our bank platform is white-labelled and delivered globally by our bank partners.

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We help our bank partners...

  • Provide differentiated service offerings to help attract new customers
  • Reduce the administration needed to service business customers
  • Increase deposits and drive transaction fees
  • Increase customer ‘stickiness’ from their increased product use
  • Help meet the exact requirements of their customers’ industry
  • Increase visibility on business cash flows for cross sell opportunities
  • Transform their customers’ cash management processes
  • Improve the relationship between banks and their customers

Designed for corporates. Delivered by the bank.

Our virtual accounts platform helps banks attract new clients, increase customer retention, increase deposits and drive transaction fees. For the bank’s corporate clients they provide functionally rich, highly relevant cash management solutions that deliver a significant ROI. Our platform bridges the gap that traditionally existed between a corporate’s internal applications and the bank to provide precision in cash management.

The platform is white-labelled and delivered through the channels of many of the world’s major banks. It provides banks with a quick to market single platform, capable of delivering a broad range of business cash management solutions. Using Cashfac, banks offer their customers the full capabilities of real bank accounts, configured to meet the exact requirements of their customers’ individual sector.

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Our Solutions

From banks and non-banking financial institutions to property management firms and government departments, our solutions help hundreds of organisations improve the productivity, visibility, automation and regulatory compliance of their cash management operations.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Our cash flow forecasting solution helps business owners to forecast and revise their cash flow on a daily and intraday basis.

Client Money Management and Compliance

Our client money (CASS) solution offers a full suite of accounting, banking, reconciliation and reporting functionality.

In-house banking

Our in-house banking solutions help businesses to centrally control cash operations across multiple banks and regions without the need for a banking license.

Interest Rate Management

Our virtual accounts platform allows businesses to calculate interest due on their virtual account independently of their real bank account

Liquidity Management

Cashfac’s liquidity management solution works with your existing accounting/ERP, treasury management and back-office systems.


Our Virtual Accounts platform is a multi-bank cash management solution. It is designed to provide centralised visibility and control of all banking operations.


Cashfac works with your existing systems to help shorten your business’s order-to-cash (O2C or OTC) timeline.


As an FCA authorised PIS (Payment Initiation Service) provider, our virtual accounts platform allows businesses to initiate payments straight from our platform.

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